Castello Lanza – ENG



Point of interest n°2

With its rich spring waters, Trabia drew many noble families to settle in its territory, among which were the Lanza in the 16th century. The Castello Lanza was a symbol of power when it was razed to the ground in 1517 by rebels. Blasco Lanza had it rebuilt, and it was subsequently expanded by his son Cesare, and guarded day and night by a keeper, three guards and a soldier.Ancient accounts recount that the castle was once a veritable oasis, and that from its imposing rocks gushed a crystal clear spring. Today the castle no longer belongs to the Lanza family; its splendid terraces remain, overlooking the Golfo di Termini Imerese, as well as the enclosing walls and embellished battlements overtop: The old tower rises from the centre of the courtyard, where its first entrance still features the remains of the drawbridge.