Piazza Lanza e Lavatoio – ENG


Point of interest n°3

About 30 metres on proceeding towards the town centre is the Piazza named after Giuseppe Lanza, a popular meeting point for the local youth and those from neighbouring towns. At the right of the square is rocky limestone wall displaying the signs of a millenary vertical fault line. Next to the fault line is an old washbasin with 10 cannoli shaped spouts, from which flowed over 200 litres of water per second until the 1960s. At the right of the washbasin is an artefact once used as an aqueduct and built during the Fascist period. Next to this aqueduct is another smaller washbasin with two spouts from which drinking water pours. On the opposite side in the street below are two washhouses, or lavatoio, used in ancient times by the local women to wash laundry.