Cappella del Calvario – ENG

Point of interest n°5

Proceeding towards the town centre, around 200 metres from the Church of SS. Sacramento, turn left onto Via Calvario to reach the charming Cappella del Calvario, erected in the 19th century by the religious institution that is still present in the town today. The chapel is perched on an arenaceous quartzite rock that is also visible in the street at the foot of the mother-church. Reduced to sand, this rock was used by the local women to meticulously clean pots that had been blackened by cooking flames. Behind the chapel is a large iron cross with three at its ends, symbolising the Trinity. The Cappella del Calvario becomes a focal point in the town during the month of May, for the recitation of the Holy Rosary, as well as during the week of the Holy Sacrament and Holy Week, for the procession of the simulacrum of Jesus Christ and the crying Virgin Mary.